Palosaaren poro- ja kalastustila

Reindeer and Fishing Farm, Ruka-Kuusamo, Finland

Crystal clear waters, hundreds kilometres of deep snow, cutting leafs, making dry hein, marking the baby reindeers
and most of all guest with smile on their face, that how our days are made. Come to be our guest in Kuusamo. Palosaari reindeer and fishing farm offers to YOU reindeer, fishing and nature program services in Kuusamo all year round. We have reindeer in the paddock fence also in summer time. Come to see how reindeer spend their summer. You might see a baby reindeer cavorting in the forrest. We cook coffee by the open fire in Kammi. Or maybe you wanna taste magical reindeer milk which you milked yourself.

You are most welcomed to be our guest and spend experience time with us!



Trineo con Reno dopado en Laponia
Suopungin heitto - Throwing Suopunki
Easy Going Reindeer Riding
Poroajelu - Reindeer Driving
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